One of the tools in ensuring your children in receiving the best in education will probably be ending your children to a country whereby it is one of the top country in great teaching system and at the same time, the living standard and safe environment. GT Educ was introduced in 2008. We have been operating under MS Goh & Tan Services, which is our associate company since 2001.

At GT Educ, our solution is to provide overseas foreign students in getting a good education in Singapore. Singapore education has known to be one of the top education hubs over the world with good living condition for students who are aiming to pursue their studies here.  Our employees are all well trained in ensuring students received the best during their stay here. We also work closely with hostels and schools in providing assistance for the student during their stay here.

Our company main focus is to bring in students from all over the world. As a multi-racial country, our students do not have issues blending in with students from all over the world.  We have students coming in from China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Bangladesh and many more.

Our student range from as young as Primary 1 to as old as 28 years of age and above. We also assist student in getting into school of their choice starting from Primary 1 to University under-graduate and MBA etc .

Not only do we get them a place in a school in Singapore, we are also focus in making sure student feel comfortable staying in Singapore and parents are sure their children are in safe hands.

Our range of services include providing hostel, home stay, processing of student pass, guardian and sponsorship, guarantor etc.

We are committed in ensuring student has the best education and environment during their stay here.

Our hostel is an apartment equipped with security guards for safety, 3 times a week laundry for the student and hostel manager management in ensuring whereabouts of the student. For home stay services, student will be put in a home with a live-in manager ensuring twice a meal a day for the student.

We also provide extra private tuition to assist student who are not able to pick up the syllabus in school during their 1st year study here. This is to ensure student will not be left behind or feel the stress of catching up with the class. For student who is not well verse in their English language, we have special school guiding this student in ensuring they will get their necessary certificate in Singapore.

Being the guardian, we will be informed by schools and hostels/home stay in case of emergency or other matters pertaining to their stay in Singapore.

Company Name: GT Educ
Telephone Number: (65) 6259 6312
Mobile: (65) 9829 8284
Facsimile Number: (65) 6234 0508
Internet Address:

Staff Detail:
(A) Helen Chan – Business Partner
(B) Selina Lim – Business Partner
(C) Vivian Lim – Accountant
(D) Patrick Ong – Accountant
(E) Amy Lim – Accountant
(F) Irene Tay – Administrator